05 Temmuz 2019, Cuma
saat: 02:21

Feeling so complicated these days. In the middle of stalking on instagram , I burst into tears for no reason.I try to find out what is happening to me but it is not easy to understand.
I got a lot to do.I got a long way to go. Never have enough time for myself.Having a child is a big barrier in a relationship, it either carries the relationship forward to a new level or it ends. I have seen so many examples of it.I am not sure about ours, it looks so fragile but still resistant to everything.
I really miss the times I used to make love to whomever I wanted and enjoy it,I used to feel the pleasure in every piece of my body.It is the first time I even thought about sex for a long time. We will never be young again.I can't decide if it is really worth this?